Running an enterprise system in the Cloud


Running an enterprise system in the Cloud addresses critical aspects of implementing an enterprise system. It ensures the availability of new innovations by guaranteeing regular system updates in the Cloud. It speeds up the implementation of the system, where there is no need to wait for the construction of technical infrastructure, including the acquisition of servers. It solves the shortage of IT staff, where it is increasingly difficult to find IT experts to maintain the system. Moreover, it spreads the investment over time in the form of regular payments. Info21 provides its customers the SAP Business One system in the Cloud. SAP Business One is designed for medium-sized and smaller companies. These companies do not have an IT department. Running the system in the Cloud eliminates a lot of worries.

Saving on ownership costs

In the first place, SAP Business One licences can be purchased as a lease. This eliminates the initial investment in software. The subscription amount is calculated according to the number of users and is known in advance, which is an undeniable benefit in cash flow management (you can calculate the approximate price here). You can tailor your service to suit your business.

This model provides flexible support for an ever-changing business environment, where the number of users can be scaled according to need. Without the need for software maintenance and support or technical infrastructure management, the total cost of ownership is lower and your staff can focus their efforts on priorities that add value.

It therefore leads to reduced investment and minimised IT costs by eliminating the need to hire experienced IT staff.


Because the system is delivered as a service, it is designed for a smooth, quick onboarding. This means you'll be able to get it up and running in a matter of weeks with minimal disruption to your operations. A Cloud-based solution will help you streamline processes faster, increase efficiency and improve decision-making.

Flexible License Change and Innovation

SAP Business One Cloud is built with flexibility in mind, so you can adapt and expand the solution as your needs evolve. With SAP Business One in the Cloud, you gain the ability to respond quickly to new opportunities. With Cloud, you're also assured of automatic system updates that provide the benefit of continuous innovation.

Safe operation

Ensuring security is one of the most important tasks in managing enterprise systems. Security aspects such as protection of system access, protection against computer viruses, data archiving, guarantee of system recovery in case of a disaster, continuous system management and monitoring are also taken into account when operating SAP Business One in the Cloud.

Easy international expansion

SAP Business One in the Cloud makes it easy for you to expand your business activities abroad, thanks to the availability of 43 local versions in 27 languages. Your subsidiaries in e.g. Germany, Poland, Slovakia can run SAP Business One on one Cloud in the Czech Republic and thus save significantly on system administration and support costs. A unified business process model across all subsidiaries, automation of mutual transactions and data consolidation is also ensured.

Guaranteed administration and availability

Info21 provides all technical infrastructure in data centres with optimally configured servers and the necessary software. Support includes on-call and response time to provide service or initiate recovery of SAP Business One / SAP HANA within 24 hours of reporting a breakdown.

These support options are possible:
  • 9/5 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)
  • 16/5 (Mon-Fri 6:00-22:00)
  • 24/7 (Mon-Sun 00:00-23:59)
SAP Business One in the Cloud includes:
  • rental and operation of all necessary hardware and software infrastructure
  • continuous updates (servers, operating systems, disk space, etc.)
  • secure access and data protection
  • data backup and recovery
  • necessary technical support

In recent years, the customer perspective on running a system in the Cloud has been changing. Five years ago, only one-fifth of customers were considering the option of operating in the Cloud. Now, a full half of new SAP Business One customers are considering running the system in the Cloud. Most still prefer to purchase licenses rather than rent them. In any case, we can see that the rise of the Cloud is accelerating. Info21 is an established system supplier to mid-sized manufacturing companies. You can rely on our experienced team.