Info21 add-ons for SAP Production module

Calculation by cost category

The "Calculation by cost category" function allows you to calculate production costs in a cost category structure.

It includes:

  • cost types and categories definition
  • Calculation of planned costs above the BOM by cost category
  • Archiving of planned calculations in the structure of cost categories
  • Calculation of the actual cost of the assembly contract by cost category
  • Bulk calculations of planned costs
  • Bulk revaluation of standard prices according to calculations

Generating production and purchase on order

The "Generating Production and Purchase on Order" function is used to automate the creation of production orders and purchase on orders. It streamlines the management and evaluation of production to order.

It includes:

  • Generating assembly orders for customer order lines for the entire product structure
  • Generating material purchases and cooperations from assembly orders
  • Creating a link between the assembly orders of subordinate and superior products and parts


When generating assembly orders for products from a customer's order, it is possible to exclude subordinate parts produced for stock or with stock status. It is also possible to work in the form of a stack, i.e. to replenish an existing order that has not yet been shipped, or to create a new order after the previous one has been shipped.

Labour queue

The "Labour queue" function is used to sort operations on machines and workstations. The labour queue is designed as an extension module in the Lighthouse21 system with a link to SAP Business One.

It includes:

  • Ordering the operations of production commands in the work queue
  • Graphical view of capacity requirements
  • Fixation and release of operations
  • Change of resources on operations
  • Setting resource capacities