ZEBRA industrial terminals and tablets

Info21 supplies industrial mobile terminals and tablets from Zebra Technologies. It focuses on technologies for automating stock movements, controlling the flow of materials and products in production, and managing production operations and attendance.

Industrial terminals and tablets are portable and highly durable computers designed for warehouses and production. Users can capture data using an integrated barcode scanner or by entering data on a keypad or touchscreen. They can capture simple barcodes, 2D codes and RFID codes. They communicate with SAP Business One via a WIFi network in online mode. Both terminals and tablets work with the Android operating system.

ZEBRA TC21/TC26 Touchscreen terminal

The Zebra TC21/TC26 is a touchscreen mobile terminal. The advantage of this terminal is a lower price and easy operation. It's suitable for recording stock movements.

It has a 5" HD touchscreen. There is also a 13MP camera. The standard 3100 mAh battery will allow up to 10 hours of work. The 5400 mAh battery allows up to 14 hours of work. You can choose the TC21 with WiFi connection or the TC26 with WiFi and LTE connection.

Zebra MC2200/MC2700 terminal with keyboard

Terminal Zebra MC2200/MC2700 is a lightweight and durable portable terminal with a keyboard. The advantage of this terminal is lower price and easy operation. It is suitable for scanning stock movements when the user fills in more data on the keypad, e.g. product parameters during receipt.

It has a 4" HD touchscreen, resistance to falls from 1.5 m and IP65 degree of protection. You can choose the MC22 with WiFi connection or the MC27 with WiFi and LTE connection.

Zebra ET51 tablets

The ET51 is a durable yet lightweight tablet for industrial environments. It is suitable for recording stock movements when a warehouse worker needs to see more details, e.g. when displaying a packing slip. It is also used for production reports at machines and workstations. It is also used to enter parameters for quality assessment.

It has an 8.4" or 10.1" HD touchscreen and is fall resistant from 1.5m and IP65 rated.