LaborTicket21: Digital Manufacturing

Labour queue

In the labour queue, production operations are lined up. It is possible to start and stop production on an operation. It enables paperless production.  

Production report

START-STOP mode for production reports on machines and workstations

Display of drawings

Drawings and production documentation can be viewed at the transfer station


It records check-ins and check-outs, as well as interruptions, e.g. lunches, doctors, etc.


Labour report

It provides workers with an overview of the work done.

Modern technology

The LaberTicket21 app can be run on Android or MS Windows devices

Digital transformation of production

SAP Business One sets the basis for the transformation to a Smart Enterprise. Info21 offers a special application LaborTicket21 for production management, which communicates on-line with SAP B1. It allows you to start and stop production in START-STOP mode. The labour queue and production documentation including drawings are available from the SAP B1 system. The work done on orders is then entered into the SAP B1 system. You can thus easily monitor the status and work in progress of production, evaluate productivity and motivate your employees.

Digitisation of production

LabortTicket21 includes:

  • display of labour queues on machines and workplaces
  • display of production documentation
  • start and end machine setup and adjustment
  • start and end of production
  • records of units produced or non-conforming units
  • start and end of interruption e.g. machine repair
  • tracking work in teams
  • workers' attendance
  • worker's work report per month, week, day
  • display of work in progress


Tasks are available directly in the SAP B1 system for approval or correction of work done.

Benefits of LaborTicket21

in real-time

STAR-STOP mode reporting gives you an accurate overview of the flow of products and parts in production.  

Reducing administrative work and error rates

The application of paperless manufacturing with the ability to display drawings leads to cost savings.  

Documentation for production planning

Production output becomes a source of accurate data for production planning.  

Evaluation of the efficiency of production resources

You can compare, for example, the potential work with the sum of the standard work done.  

Motivating your employees

The system provides labour productivity reports that support the motivation of employees.


Attendance allows you to record Check-in to shift and Check-out from shift.

It is also possible to create teams, for example a machine operator plus service.

It is possible to record interruptions for lunch, doctor's appointments, etc. When the interruption is over, the interrupted work can be automatically resumed.

Labour queue

The Labour queue displays released production orders and operations for the selected machine or workstation.

In the Labour queue, you can see the queue of production operations, whether they are started and their status.

You can view drawings and detailed information about the operation. You can easily start or stop setup, production and interrupt.

It is possible to perform several operations simultaneously.

START-STOP reports

The system allows you to record the start and end of production operations.

A distinction is made between machine setup, actual production and interruptions. Production can be started from the labour queue or by scanning a barcode from the production guide.

Non-conforming products and reasons for non-conformities shall also be stated when production is terminated. When the operation is terminated, the operation is removed from the work queue.