The right information at the right time leads to the right decision

Management portals

The manager, like the pilot, needs information clearly arranged on his cockpit.

Fast orientation

The system of corporate indicators provides a fast orientation on the status and development of the company.

Analyses for decision-making

Information is important for decision-making at all levels of management.

Financial management

Financial planning and control ensure the healthy growth of the company.

Why Lighthouse21?

It is not easy to find the right information in the flood of data available in today's enterprise information systems. The right information at the right time leads to the right decision. Nowadays, information technology helps in all areas of production and business operations. At the same time, however, information technology places new demands on the managers of these companies.

Lighthouse21 is a management system

The Lighthouse21 management and reporting system belongs to the software category Business Intelligence (BI). Thanks to its openness and intuitive operation, Lighthouse21 allows you to define the business indicators and reports needed to analyze your company's trends. You can thus respond in a timely manner to changing business conditions.
Easy installation and report design style leads to fast implementation of Lighthouse21. Along with a favourable price, you are guaranteed a quick return on investment. So you can react quickly to changing conditions and don't have to spend money on expensive IT experts.
Connected to multiple data sources from accounting to payroll, attendance, production and CRM, you have the information you need from trade, purchasing, production and economics. Lighthouse21 answers questions, what affects the productivity, revenue and costs of the company.
It allows to know the causes of these influences. It provides tools to motivate employees based on the achievement of corporate indicators. Provides support in decision-making of management staff.

What does Lighthouse21 bring you?

At least these basic benefits:
  • accurate and up-to-date information for management
  • easy user definition of business indicators and reports
  • cost savings and fast return on investment
  • integration of data from different systems
  • a tool for employee evaluation and motivation