Efficient stock management

Efficient stock management

SAP Business One forms the basis for the transformation to Intelligent Enterprise. Info21 offers a special WMS21 application for automating stock processes. This application communicates online with SAP Business One so that stock movements are entered directly into the system. From the SAP Business One system, the application displays items, stock locations, batches and their statuses.

Implementation of WMS21 means:

Optimal warehouse structure settings

You can set up a warehouse structure and storage locations, including tracking of handling units or batches.  

Definition of stock processes

Stock processes must take into account the specifics of the company applying the WMS. Processes are defined differently in a manufacturing company and differently in a distribution company.

Data analysis of stock transactions and inventory levels

You can analyse warehouse utilisation, stock turnover and warehouse staff performance. You can then make informed decisions.

Stock movements on portable terminals

All stock movements from receipt, through transfers, dispatch to dispatch are carried out on portable terminals with barcode reading.

Integration to other systems and applications

Today, processes are being accelerated through integration with business partners and technology. An example is the import of supplier delivery notes.

Features of the WMS21 mobile app

Portable terminals are used to enter stock movements. The concept of on-line access via wifi network is applied, where data entered on the portable terminal is immediately entered into the SAP Business One system.

The following transaction types are available on the portable terminals:

  • Receiving material and goods or batch/serial number
  • Article / batch / serial number reloading
  • Issue to production
  • Income from manufacturing
  • Shipment
  • Stocktaking


You can run the WMS21 mobile app on portable terminals and tablets running Android, iOS and Windows. The app supports Czech, English and German.


Allows you to plan your shipment in time. There is a list of orders that can be included in the dispatch. 

It is possible to assign vehicles and sort delivery points according to the order of unloading.

The released shipment is the basis for picking on portable terminals.

After picking, delivery notes are generated from the shipment.

Management of handling units

In the system, it is possible to set whether handling units are to be tracked for groups, items or warehouses. A unique handling unit code must then be entered for each stock movement. This is generated on receipt.

For each handling unit, the document of origin and the original quantity, the storage location and the current quantity, the packaging method and the attributes according to the settings for the item group are recorded.

The handling unit can be locked. It is also possible to view the movement history of the unit.


Generating HU for receipt note

It is possible to generate handling units with a unique code when receiving material. You can also print labels or specify the types and numbers of packages.

In addition, different properties can be recorded according to the settings for a group of materials and goods.


Transfer of the handling unit

The transfer of the handling unit can be easily entered on the portable terminal. Simply scan the barcode of the handling unit and the new storage location.

Income from manufacturing

When receiving from production, the quantity received is entered. It is also possible to enter the warehouse location. In the case of tracking handling units, it is possible to generate these units and print labels.

Getting ready for shipment

The portable terminal can be used to release products and goods for the selected shipment. It is also possible to issue handling units. After picking, the items are moved to the dispatch warehouse. The system informs how many products or goods are still to be picked for shipment.