Info21 Add-ons for SAP Business One

Info21 provides add-ons to the SAP Business One system that complement the basic functionality of this system. These add-ons are developed using the SAP Business One Software Development Kit and are integrated with the SAP Business One system.
The following add-ons are licensed according to the number of enterprise databases in SAP Business One.

Import of currency rates from the CNB

The "Import of currency rates from the CNB" add-on is used to import daily exchange rates announced by the CNB into the Exchange Rates table in the SAP Business One system.

There is a service that imports rates on a daily basis in batch. There is also a function for importing exchange rates when the user presses the "Load from CNB" button.

National holidays set in the holiday calendar are taken into account when importing rates.

Forms set

Info21 has prepared a set of forms with a new format that meets higher design requirements.

The "Forms set" includes the following forms: quotation, order confirmation, delivery note, advance invoice and advance tax document, invoice, credit note, correction invoice, inquiry, purchase order, receipt, credit note, production order.

The forms are available in Czech, English and German.

Bank orders

The "Bank Orders" add-on allows you to enter bank orders and export them in a format accepted by your corporate bank. There is a function for efficient selection of open outstanding documents. It is possible to stack them. Finally, the bank order is exported in the required format.

Financial reports

The "Financial Reports" add-on contains the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements according to Czech legislation. It allows you to assign accounts from the chart of accounts to individual lines of the statement. It is possible to start checking unassigned accounts. When displaying the statements, it is possible to view detailed data for individual accounts, which facilitates control. It is also possible to select the rounding method. You can also define your own reports in the add-on to evaluate the company's results.

Connection to ARES

The "Connection to ARES" add-on allows importing data from the ARES register of economic entities when creating and updating the master data of business partners.

After entering the ID number of the new partner into SAP Business One, you can import data from the register of economic entities. This functionality saves time and reduces the error rate of the entered data.

You can import Name, ID, Tax ID, Registration, Address. The currency CZK and the default customer group are assigned.

Register of unreliable VAT taxpayers

Connection to the register of unreliable taxpayers enables verification of the supplier in the register of unreliable VAT payers. The user can check the supplier immediately when entering the system.

The user is notified when entering a supplier on an order or invoice that it is an unreliable VAT payer. Similarly, when including a supplier in a payment order.

There is a service that checks unreliable payers on a daily basis. You can check it also with pressing the 'Unreliable payer' button.

Investment assets

The "Investment Assets" add-on enables the recording of assets according to Czech legislation.

It includes:

  • records of long-term IA
  • records of small long-term IA
  • tax depreciation
  • accounting depreciation
  • reports of IA