A tool that allows you to make the right and timely decision!

Management portals

The manager, like the pilot, needs information clearly organized on his cockpit. He can see comprehensive information in one place and make the right and timely decisions. Dashboards fulfil this function.

The Dashboard contains several components with visualized information in an intuitive style. It is used for both operational and strategic management.

In Lighthouse21 you can create a dashboard yourself, quickly and easily. You can analyze information from several data sources, e.g. accounting, attendance, payroll, etc.

Indicators for quick orientation

The system of business indicators provides a quick overview of the status and development of the company.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are commonly used to measure the success of an organisation's activities or business processes

In Lighthouse21, KPIs provide quick and clear information about the status and trend of an organisation's activities or business processes.

Analyses for decision-making

Information is important for decision-making at all levels of management in business and manufacturing companies. It must be available at the right time and in the right form.

Moreover, in an ever-changing business environment, analyses need to be adapted to new conditions.

These objectives are met by the Lighthouse21 management system, a Business Intelligence tool.


Financial planning and control ensure the healthy growth of the company.

The accounting data captures information such as the state and movement of the company's assets, how the assets are financed, or revenues and costs, i.e. the performance and profitability of the company.

These are then used as a basis for decision-making. There are a number of indicators available to measure the efficiency of asset management, return on investment, monitoring of receivables and payables, and cash flow. The company's revenues and costs can be evaluated for different dimensions, e.g. for centres, projects, etc. In financial analyses, the current year can be compared with the previous year or budget, for the whole year, from the beginning of the year to the current month or by monthly periods.