Are you considering whether to invest in a management system?

Do you have multiple systems in your company? For example, accounting, attendance, production planning, CRM and you are not able to analyze data from these systems in a unified environment. Simply put, are you unable to get information from multiple data sources in one place?

Lighthouse21 provides you with a unified environment to analyze all your data.

Do you need to change and define reports yourself? Do you have reports that you need to change according to new conditions, but only the programmer of the supplier of these reports is able to make the change or is the change lengthy and expensive?

A Lighthouse21 user is able to create their own report after one hour of training.

Do you want to graphically display the results of your analyses? Are your analyses like text tables without visualization of important information and without alerts?

Graphs, colour alerts and KPI indicators make it easy to quickly navigate Lighthouse21's analyses.

Do you need to keep up-to-date information with you all the time? You are short of time and need to receive analyses by e-mail for different periods and according to different criteria.

The analysis sending function in Lighthouse21 saves you time.

Are your colleagues overwhelmed with a number of excel spreadsheets that you're not sure what data they're pulling, and you're unable to effectively secure permissions to those spreadsheets?

Lighthouse21 will ensure that all users see the same data. The rights to this data are set centrally.

Have you already considered purchasing a Business Intelligence system, but were put off by the complexity or cost?

Lighthouse21 guarantees a fast return on investment thanks to the application of new modern IT technologies and a favourable price.

You already know that you can't do without a modern management and reporting system, but you don't know which BI system to choose?

We offer you a test run of Lighthouse21 over your data. Try a truly modern tool of the Business Intelligence category.