How to use Zoom

How to join a meeting

  1. Click on the link that will be emailed to you

2. When the website opens, click on "Launch Meeting"

3. Click on "Join from Your Browser" below

4. Fill in your name and click on "Join"

5. In the top left corner, enable microphone use

Zoom options

  1. Speaking up – if you want to speak up and say something during a meeting, Zoom has a "Raise hand" feature .
2. Share Screen
3. If you want to send a message to everyone else, use the "Chat" function
4. Ovládání pro mikrofon a a kameru je vlevo dole na liště. Na tomto obrázku je mikrofon zapnutý a kamera vypnutá.
5. If you want to disconnect, click "Leave" and then "Leave Meeting"


  1. When a meeting is scheduled for a certain time, messages like the ones in the pictures will pop up. Wait for the organizer to start the meeting. It will start automatically.


2. Don't forget to mute your microphone when you're not talking so we don't hear any noise from your home. To turn off the microphone, press the "Mute" button.